PACE APPEAL: Nancy Pearl’s Doorways (5/23/23)

WHEN: May 23, 2023; 9:45am to 12Noon

WHERE: This is a Virtual Zoom meeting sponsored by the Tewksbury Public Library.

Contact: Leane Ellis;  

Members will receive an email invitation via our Google Group, anyone else interested in attending please contact Leane at the above email address.

Our next topic continues our year of studying specific Appeal categories through Nancy Pearl’s Doorways. We continue with Pace in May. We began with Character (1/24/23) and Tone (3/28/23). We will be discussing Frame (9/26/23) in September and Style (11/28/23) in November.

Assignment For the benchmark, everyone reads Ava Glass’s Alias Emma (2022). Leane has posted PDFs of Sarick’s chapter on “Articulating a Book’s Appeal “(p.40-73; See Pace 44-49.) on Google Group, please read this before you read the Benchmark or your Choice Title.

Also, please read a Choice title in this category either from the suggested list on our blog, or one that you choose yourself; and then write a review on our blog under Submit Choice Titles.  

CHOICE TITLE Assignment with Leane’s PACE Assignment STRATEGY Sheet is also available on Google.Group


Nancy Pearl’s Book Lust Readers’ Advisory: Doorways PDF (1/20/23) also originally linked from her web site (–no longer valid 10/20/22).

Introduction to Readers’ Advisory: Doorways and Appeal Factors from Molly at the Library (1/05/23)

Molly Wetta’s take on Doorways is one of few resources on the subject I have been able to find, and it combines great graphics and content.

Saricks, Joyce G. Readers’ Advisory Service in the Public Library. 3rd ed. (2005) ALA, Chicago. p. 40-73; Pace: p.44-49.


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement: RART-NE encourages all library staff to use leisure reading as a way to connect with the community, with a particular focus on reaching the underserved and promoting “own voices” authors. Throughout our discussions we will explore ways in which library staff can provide services, collections, and programming that puts EDI concerns at the forefront. Examples include but are not limited to, delivering the same information in different formats, advice on how to diversify your displays, and ways to include more staff voices in basic RA service [more voices leads to more equitable, diverse, and inclusive offerings]. Library staff attending RART-NE must be interested in allowing all staff [not just professional and/or public service staff] to participate in serving all populations, not just the ones most represented by staff or as identified in a local census.

Cancellation Policy: There is no plan to cancel a MA NE RA RT meeting since we will be meeting virtually using the Zoom platform sponsored by a group member for the foreseeable future. Leane will broadcast any cancellation or change to our meetings by 7:00am or before from the Google group, and post it on the group’s blog: Edited 5/09/22.