SCIENCE FICTION ARC#2: Clify (Climate Science Fiction) (5/26/20)

WHEN: May 26, 2020; 9:45am to 12Noon

WHERE: Tewksbury Memorial Library   300 Chandler Street Tewksbury

The second hour (11:00am to 12:00N) will be a RA Toolbox** workshop.

Contact: Leane Ellis;  

Please sign-up for next meeting using the MLS CE Calendar.    

We began 2020 with a three-month study arc of Science Fiction. Our first study was Hard Science Fiction, followed by Climate Science Fiction (Clify) at this meeting, and Military Adventure/Space Opera in November.

Assignment: Everyone reads either/or both of the benchmarks: John Lanchester’s The Wall (2019) AND/OR Cherie Dimaline’s The Marrow Thieves (2017) as a Diversity title.

Please record your Choice titles in this category either from the suggested list on the other side or one that you choose yourself on our blog under Submit 2nd Titles.

For appeal, please focus especially on frame, tone, and plot.

**The last hour of this meeting will be a RA Toolbox session. The topic is Annotation Writing. If you wish to participate and did not attend the January meeting, please contact Leane for preparatory instructions. 

RA Record Sheet for Annotation Writing Exercise.



Emily Martin’s What is Cli-Fi? A Beginner’s Guide from Book Riot (5/3/18)

ARRT: GENRE STUDY: Speculative Fiction (2016-2017) (9/13/19)

Print/PDF Bibliography  (Available on Google Group) 

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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement: RART-NE encourages all library staff to use leisure reading as a way to connect with the community, with a particular focus on reaching the underserved and promoting “own voices” authors. Throughout our discussions we will explore ways in which library staff can provide services, collections, and programming that puts EDI concerns at the forefront. Examples include but are not limited to, delivering the same information in different formats, advice on how to diversify your displays, and ways to include more staff voices in basic RA service [more voices leads to more equitable, diverse, and inclusive offerings]. Library staff attending RART-NE must be interested in allowing all staff [not just professional and/or public service staff] to participate in serving all populations, not just the ones most represented by staff or as identified in a local census.

Cancellation Policy: If the town/city of the location of the meeting cancels public schools, and/or there is a parking ban–the meeting will be cancelled even if the library in question remains open. We do not have an alternative date. Leane will modify the upcoming schedules to reflect the missed meeting. Leane will broadcast the cancellation of the meeting due to inclement weather by 7:00am or before from the Google group, and post it on this website.

Elective Titles

Beth Safford

The Sunlight Pilgrims – Jenni Fagan

Appeal Factors: Atmospheric, suspenseful, lyrical writing

This beautifully written piece of apocalyptic fiction takes places in a small Scottish village during what appears to be the end of the world due to a second ice age. The main characters–Dylan, who has just lost his mother and grandmother, and heads out with their ashes to a remote trailer park; the beautiful and strong-willed Constance; and Stella, her transgender daughter–are quirky and appealing. Readers will shiver just reading this book, the weather is described so vividly. The blooming romance between Dylan and Constance is engaging, and 12-year-old Stella’s struggles to fit in and find herself are totally believable.